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Bo's Honey Brown Hot

Bo's Honey Brown HOTTER Ghost Pepper Sauce 5 oz.

Bo's Honey Brown HOTTER Ghost Pepper Sauce 5 oz.

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Bo's Honey Brown HOTTER Ghost Pepper Sauce

You asked. We answered.


Bo's Honey Brown HOTTER Sauce - with GHOST PEPPERS!

For everyone who wanted a Hotter Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce, the wait is over. 
If you thought it couldn't get any better than Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce, wait until you try our NEW Ghost Pepper Sauce! Our NEW Bo's Honey Brown Hotter GHOST PEPPER Sauce has the same AWARD WINNING flavor, but with added GHOST PEPPERS instead of Jalapeños...making this sauce even HOTTER than the original! 

That's not all...
We took our delicious, award winning recipe, and bumped it up a notch! In order to provide you with a quality product AND the freshest taste, we have teamed up with a Private Label Hot Sauce Manufacturer in Costa Rica. The peppers used in production are LOCALLY grown. Why do you want locally grown Ghost Peppers from Costa Rica you might ask? Well, Ghost Pepper plants are extremely particular about their temperature and humidity conditions to produce a crop of fruit. They must have a a long growing season in temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. So, why NOT grow them there?!
Bo's Honey Brown Hotter Ghost Pepper Sauce is manufactured and overseen by personnel knowledgeable in agriculture and manufacturing, which ensures that you are receiving the best, highest quality products and ingredients we can offer.  
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charley Carey
New favorite wing sauce

This stuff is spectacular. My only regret is that I didn't buy a case, but I will definitely be buying more very soon.

Expired- disappointing
Disappointed - Sold us expired sauce

Just went to Chili pepper festival in Bowers, PA and purchased two bottles of the sauce and found out it expired on July 13th, 2023. Disappointing and deceiving practice from the owner. DO NOT Recommend due to deceptive practices!

Hello. As you can see on the bottle, there is clearly no expiration date. A Best By date is completely different than an expiration date. If it WERE an expiration date, then yes, we would have sold you bad sauce. But we absolutely did NOT do that. A Best By date is the recommended date in which you will get the full flavor and quality of the product. Hot sauce can last up to 2 years or more after the Best By date- because it is NOT an expiration date. We would have been more than happy to refund you had you contacted us. Have a great day.

Even better

Somehow they managed to make a great product even better! Sweet & Heat 💪🏻

Barb Wilson

Perfectly done!

Perfectly Balanced Heat & Flavor!

This Sauce has it all!
Just the right amount of heat with magnificent flavor.
The best part is, it is delightfully thick so it sticks to your food and doesn't slide off!
Very versatile. This is not just a wing sauce. Add a few drops to your favorite dish and make your taste buds sing.
Well done!